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Francesco Canderan | via Nuova, 65 - 33092 Meduno (PN) Italia | cell. 335 6133710 - Fax +39 0427 86297
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"We know and YOU know that it's QUALITY, not QUANTITY, which really counts".
Logistics means providing company organizations with the resources they need to compete in the market place as efficiently as possible. If you aim high, reject standard solutions and have no time to waste, LOGIMAG is the answer: as well as traditional CONSULTANCY and PLANNING services, we provide highly experienced, skilled experts who become one with YOUR company, solving your problems before they even arise.
This is our secret: using our ENERGIES with care and no environmental impact! We believe that our ongoing investment in research, training and know-how adds an extra dimension to customer relations, making them stronger and longer-lasting. Our customers are an asset on which we never speculate! LOGIMAG has grown over the years thanks to the endless companies who have understood the importance of precise, professional, personal service; constant standards which enable us to lead our sector from the front, rooted in our first class materials and the ultra-reliable PLANTS we have installed throughout Italy.

...a professional service value,
                   punctual, precise and personalyzed.